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Holy Electronics is the leading supplier & distributor of Aux Cables in India. Aux Cables are best used to connect your audio devices- smartphone, MP3 players etc. to any audio system. They give the best sound quality when connected between the speaker and the device. We, at Holy Electronic, only deal with quality Aux cables suitable to use by individuals & businesses across India. Available at wholesale prices, our aux cables are made of strong material and finished design that delivers clear audio quality when connected to an external audio source.

Holy Electronic offers you a variety of aux cables to help you choose the apt aux cable depending upon your usage. Wondering how to choose the perfect aux cable for you? Length of the Cable, Compatibility with the Device & Correct Audio Jack is the three main things to consider before you buy an aux cable for you. We deal in:

Coiled AUX Cables- These aux cables are in shape more like a coil that remains coiled when not in use. They offer an amazing feel of music while the coiled feature keeps them safe from unwanted stretchability which might lead to wear and tear from inside.

Uncoiled AUX Cables- As the name suggests, uncoiled cables have not all but many features opposite than coiled cables. Uncoiled cables bring an easy to wrap and roll up manual feature.

Braided Aux cable- Braided aux cables are durable and come with an added protection layer avoiding issues like tangling and tight bends. Most of the customers choose this for its long-lasting feature.

Flat AUX Cables- Flat aux cables are much apt to use than other aux cables as they come with a flat cross-section which avoids tangling and comes with an easy wrapping and maintenance feature. Their flat structure avoids wear and tear and can be easily stored.

Car Aux Cord- When you don’t have a Bluetooth feature in your audio device then a Car Aux cable allows you to listen to your favorite music just in a simple connection.