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USB-C is one of the emerging cables used as laptop charging cables. These c-type data cables are available with Holy Electronics for charging and transferring of data. We are a leading supplier of USB-C type data cables that features a new, smaller connector shape reversible in shop so to easily plug in. These types of data cables carry significantly more power enough to charge larger devices like laptops.

Right now, you can get this type of charger with newest laptops, phones, and tablets. Offering double the transfer speed of USB 3 at 10 Gbps, this USB-C connector itself can support various exciting new USB standards like USB 3.1 and USB power delivery (USB PD). The connectors in these types of chargers are not backwards compatible; hence they can be used with older devices as well.

These C-Type USB cable is capable of delivering power at higher rates than any charger you have been using for your phones and tablets right now.